Garden Update & Roses


Roses & jars. Can you get more vintage than that? I am loving this.

We have lived in our house almost six years, and just a few days ago did I realize what little gems these roses are. I have ignored our rose bushes since we’ve moved in because a) I have no idea how to prune them properly {I’ve tried and whoops}, and b) they’re in awkward locations around the yard.  And as much as I love vintage goodness, I guess I usually view roses as out-dated in a faded way, at least when it comes to curb appeal. To me, they’d look best with an adorable 1950’s ranch house, and a grandma who greets you with sun tea and cookies when you come to visit. Now that is a perfect description of how I see roses. I don’t not like them; I would just rather have a sweet grandma who knows what she’s doing take care of them for me.

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